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The Clever Acorn. Fiber Artist

My interest in the use of fabrics began at a very young age with an over active imagination. My grandmother was a seamstress and at the age of six she was already teaching me how to use her old cast iron singer. Making beautiful things with my hands continued and I became deeply enthralled with costuming.

Its been years of competitions and more before my interests expanded into spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting, quilting and more. Even doll making. There is always a new skill to learn and use and the production of one of a kind items rather than something mass produced is the main drive of what I do.

The outdoors, myths, legends, fairytales are all inspirations. I think the closer we can feel to the earth and its long history the more fulfilled we are. 

Let your life have some magic.

Colorful Threads
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